Decision Target System™

The Decision Target System™ Self Defense Simulator. A scenario based simulator designed for Armed Citizens and CCW holders. Available NOW on the ROKU streaming media p

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Bob Tezyk

Self Defense

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The Gun Bench

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Roger Purcella

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Welcome to Texas outdoors and more! Stick around and you'll see ways to enjoy the outdoors without spending allot of money. We'll show you hunting and outdoor tips, as we

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Tim Taylor

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Hunting and Fishing adventures are going to be on my channel. Stay tuned for whats to come. To find my channel search for R_Harrison2

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Used for basic website maintenance

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Jim Miller - Mountaineer Airgunner

Airgun hunting for pests, predators and other game in wild, wonderful West Virginia.

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Don Larson

Guns, firearms, politics, freedom, outdoors

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This channel is more or less about the action sport airsoft but at the same time havin fun with it. I do reviews, skits, and even beginners videos into how to do airsoft

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American Gunners

Just a blue collar father

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David Russ

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Denny's Hunting Page

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