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    My top 3 tips for shooting your recurve bow and arrow to increase confidence! I wish someone shared these archery tips me when I first started shooting with my


    My top 3 tips for shooting your recurve bow and arrow to increase confidence! I wish someone shared these archery tips me when I first started shooting with my recurve bow.

    Bonus, the best trick to shrink your arrow groups fast! McClane here, where I live my life for God and am passionate about traditional archery with a recurve bow.

    Today I am working on my archery form, consistency and accuracy and the three shooting tips I am going to share with you are the very ones I am working on myself.

    I wish I had learned of these three shooting tips sooner, I would be further along in my traditional archery shooting technique.

    nnAt the end of this video, I’m also going to throw in a bonus tip, the number one trick I have used to increase my impact point focus and shrink my arrow groups.

    It works amazingly well… stay tuned for that.

    nnTip number one, the invisible line from the impact point (and beyond), to the tip of the arrow, through the nock and the back of the elbow and beyond.

    When it comes to recurve bows with no sights, alignment is super critical.

    Getting this invisible line, or, as some call it, a plane, as straight as possible ensures that your arrow is going to hit the intended impact point.

    Any angles in this line will mean your arrow isn’t likely to go where you want it to go.

    I’ve recently seen a great video from a longbow shooter that beautifully illustrated this point.

    I’ve linked it below, check it out.

    nnRelated Videos:nnThe Straight Line - bow, Gary Chynne - number two, bring the bow/string up to your face and not your face to your bow/string.

    Your eyes should be hyper focused on the impact point (on the point you will place the tip of your arrow if you are gap shooting).

    If you start moving your head around, you run a big risk of losing your focus, or adding angles to the invisible line.

    I will also add that a clean release is also important here, as any movement away from the invisible line can throw the shot off.

    Usually, when I miss, it’s because I didn’t have a clean release.

    nnRelated video: nnA Clean release - Tension - me a favor, give this video a thumbs up and share it on reddit, facebook, Pinterest, twitter, and everywhere.

    Thank you! nnTip number three, consistency is king.

    If you can’t repeat your shot cycle every time you will only be frustrated with your traditional archery shooting experience.

    You should design a shot cycle that you can easily, and comfortably repeat every time.

    The goal in this stage is to have a group of arrows everytime, not so much where they hit.

    You can adjust and move the group where you need it to go.

    If you're not getting a group at all, it means you are not achieving the consistency you are looking for.

    Try associating a word, or a phrase with each component of your shot cycle, then just repeat those words as you make your way through your cycle.

    This will help your consistency to improve.

    nnRelated Video:nnThe shot cycle - Grizzly Kent's Shot Cycle -, now for the bonus bow and arrow shooting tip - use small targets.

    You’ve heard it before but, its true… aim-small, miss-small.

    Instead of shooting at a large archery target, pull out a super small object like a ball, or a little toy, or can.

    The smaller the better.

    You will be surprised how quickly this will help you improve as a traditional recurve shooter, not to mention how it will build your your confidence.

    Usually, I would tell you to go big but, today… I want you to go small.

    Give it a try and let me know in the comments how it works out.

    nnRelated Video:nnAim-small, Miss-Small - Turner - hope you enjoyed these recurve bow and arrow shooting tips.

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    Check it out at - you for watching! I’m praying for you, that you shoot straight, and I hope that you will pray for me, that I shoot straight too.

    Until the next video… nnMay God Richly Bless You!nJoe McClanennGreat traditional archery tip video from Clay Hayes -

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